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Yes please

Parents, I do not need a monogram made out of crayons. I need a gift card to the liquor store. The Teacher.for my teacher friends!

20 Memes That Only a Teacher Will Truly Understand compiled by Read Like a Rock Star!

this is me.I frequently use my teacher voice outside the classroom, randomly and unintentionally. So I've been told by my husband!

hahahaha typical

Will cocktails be served at your daughter's princess party or shall I tailgate in your driveway? That's about what it would take for me to attend a princess party.

Hahahaha I mean I love my handmade wreath but I'll take a gift card any day.

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No, son, your teacher doesn't want a handmade crayon wreath someone posted on…

Bienvenido a la Docencia

Teaching is a Way of Life Few People Understand. In this Article You'll Find 50 Funny Teacher Memes that Capture your Life as a Teacher Perfectly.

Funny Family Ecard: Summer: the time of year when parents realize just how grossly underpaid teachers actually are.

Haha Yeah this is on point. Most parents are so happy when school starts again so the teachers can spend the day with their kids.