So cool! "Fairy Berries" are glowing white LED balls to place anywhere in your garden for your next party or event. Place on the lawn, in the garden, hang from your trees or gazebo. Measuring .75 inch in diameter they produce a moving firefly or fairy light effect that is so unique. The water resistant design lets you place them in your pond, pool or floating centerpieces.

Fairy Berries™ Pkg of 10 for $18 White - glow for 20 hours....too cool

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fill balloon w/ water, drop a light stick in it, put it all in a white stocking and hang from tree branches, ceilings. found at Yanko design

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Once your watermelon starts to grow place it in a square container and wait, wait, wait. Pretty sure you can do this with a pumpkin too!

You can use fire glass instead of wood for your backyard fire pit.

Raining amazing would this look hanging from the trees for an outdoor event

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Place a single marble inside a balloon and it floats upside down. Perfect for weddings.

Like floating stars since the wires almost disappear. Find on amazon.

Now there's a river floating raft! I WANT ONE!!!

Floating garden

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Lovely Centerpiece Idea~ Fill a smaller vase with water and insert your fresh flowers. Then place it in the center of a larger vase and fill in fake pearls around to conceal the smaller vase. This is a great idea for a, bridal shower, wedding or celebrating an anniversary. Or turn it into a Shabby Chic style birthday or celebration!

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Great way to bring more nature into the event/wedding just wrap a hulahoop with green ribbon then cover with ferns, fir tree and fairy lights