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Introducing shapes and their properties to your early childhood students? This book is for you! It includes eight different shapes to practice and review, including: square, rectangle, circle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, and star. Each activity page allows your student to trace the shape, write the name of the shape, practice writing the letters to spell the shape, and find the shape in your classroom.

The power of play in the early learning environment | Teach Preschool

Ten Ways to Use Your Noodles! On the website a commenter said she uses noodles to set up obstacle courses by putting wooden sticks in the ground and attaching the noodles holes onto the sticks to create arches for her children to run and crawl under. Such a great idea!

The Teach Preschool blog has some wonderful ideas on how to teach math to preschoolers or younger! Check this out!

Teach Preschool : Exploring shapes and oil - paint over crayon drawings with vegetable oil for a shiny effect

Your students will have a great time learning about 3-dimensional shapes with this Star Wars theme! Let me introduce you to Luke Sphere Walker, Ha...

this would be great in the classroom - make the graph on the carpet and have your students work together to find the shapes -or- colors, things that start with letters (A- alligator, airplane, apple...), number groups (2 cars, 2 legos, 2 dolls...)

This file includes an 7 page book for your students to create about 3-D shapes. Shapes included are a cone, cube, sphere, rectangular prism, pyrami...