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Shape Activities for Preschoolers {Away We Go! Review & Giveaway} - Toddler Approved!

Various shape activities. use Popsicle sticks to make shapes and talk about how many sides they have.

this post has a few ideas, but I was thinking of using painters' tape to draw shapes to jump to (jump on a triangle!), or roads for race cars, or designated spaces on the floor to keep things divided when they are doing an activity (no fights over MY legos, not YOURS...). Yay, painters tape! Won't hurt your surfaces...

We had a total of 26 sides with the shapes on the chart, so I made sure we had the exact amount, 26 popsicle sticks in a cup, so it can be a self-correcting activity.

Ah this is so good! Brad does this with his 4th graders...can be easily adapted for different grade-levels! How to carve a pumpkin writing

Big fan of movement breaks! 60 second dance party a fave! All the more important for sensory equilibrium for ASD kids.

circle shape: big and little:Mice made out of shapes to go along with "Mouse Shapes" by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Count the shapes and use your data to fill out the graph.* PLEASE REMEMBER TO LEAVE FEEDBACK!*...

Learning on the go- for the car trip- write letters, shapes, or words on a paper plate edge and cut between each one. As they find the letters etc on signs or around town they get to fold it down.