A fashionable look from the 20s.

1920s Fashion

1924 --- Alden Gay wearing an emerald and pearl necklace; a diamond and emerald cabochon headband; bracelets of diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires; a square emerald ring; an oblong pin of pave diamonds and square emeralds;

Lady with the Peacock Throne

Myrna Darby Ziegfeld Follies Girl Photography by Alfred Cheney Johnston, the official photographer of the Zeigfeld Follies

Sonia Delaunay at Tate Modern - Pattern Power | Patternbank

Sonia Delaunay at Tate Modern - Pattern Power

Sonia Delaunay Beachwear, 1927 High style in details and in every field of life - typical Art Deco. Geometric patterns also typical.

Alice Terry

Antique/Vintage Photo Reprint Of Woman in Beautiful Gown

Silent film actress Alice Terry looking like a softly beautiful painting come to life in this serenely captivating image from 1920

1900s | The Truth About Fitting

The Truth About Fitting (Curvy Sewing Collective)

A day spent sewing. A young woman with a sewing machine c. Most likely an advertisement because photos would not have been wasted on the daily mundane household tasks. Yet I marvel at the beautiful things made with such a simple machine and time.

1920s dinner dress found photo print ad vintage fashion hairstyle shoes model graphic print hem accent

In the dinner found print ad vintage fashion hairstyle shoes model graphic print hem accent

1920's lingerie shop window in Paris, France

Corsets for m'lady and for m'lady's daughter. Corsets for children? Who knew? An, um, unusual product for an entire shop window display.

1920s fashion

Fashion photo by Edward Steichen - Model at left in a wool suit by Edward Molyneux; the one at right in a two-piece dress by Drecoll, 1926

1920s photos - Google Search

The flapper: short bobbed or shingled hair, straight loose knee-length dresses with a dropped waistline, silk or rayon stockings with garters, heavy makeup, and long beaded necklaces. Flappers are also associated with Jazz and dances like the Charleston.

Marion Moorhouse in Chanel by Edwin Steichen 1924

fantomas-en-cavale:Edward Steichen- Marion Morehouse en robe Chanel, 1924 Those beads were glass, and sequins were made out of metal then -- it must have weighed a ton

Dancing Dress - Authentic 1920s Style Inspiration - Photos

Dancing Dress

For Grandma Claire- she and I both loved the A flapper putting on the ritz. I like the short hair and dropped-waistline fad (for lack of a better word) of this time period. Reminds me of singing in the rain.

Hairstyle twenties lace pearl elegant vintage luxury hat

Finger waves are a vintage hair style trend that can be done on a variety of hair types. Shorter hair looks beautiful in finger waves, but even thsoe with longer hair can don the.


Marion Davies - 1926 - from 'Beverly of Graustark' - Photo by Ruth Harriet Louise - Marion Davies (January 1897 – September was an American film actress, producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist.

Olive Borden

2015 is the year of the Tragic Star at A Person in the Dark. January's Tragic Star is Olive Borden. Beautiful Olive Borden had it al.

this beats the jackson skating rink, hands down. @Linn Lazenby, @liza sullivan, @Julianne Butler

1933 Rollerskating on the roof of Roosevelt Hotel (by straatis) 19 Apr Manhattan, New York, New York, USA — A Roller Skater? Here’s Your Costume. Are you a devotee of the new roller.