Just letting people know how they feel...

I feel terrible about it, but I laugh every time. I mean EVERY TIME. I keep wondering how many views until I stop laughing...but then her face.

Too funny!

I'm so doing this.

Some Clever Acts Of Vandalism

Ballet is not for everyone. Oh my goodness, poor baby! I feel just like this sometimes! :)

The ultimate dog shaming compilation…FLIPPIN HILARIOUS!!

Tired of getting junk mail? LOL doing this

Very Ironic Photos. Funny but I didn't get the batman fathers day one though....? Fill me in if you get it please-megs

Having a bad day? Watch this.

Several very funny ways to scare the crap out of hotel maids... using laundry.

Kids notes

Hilarious newspaper headlines

Whenever I feel a little stupid I take a look at this

These are hilarious! "Notes from roommates"


weird newspaper headlines...what to headline editors DO these days?

Funny kids notes

Do not read at 1am when your husband is asleep beside you...I'm CRYING from laughing so hard!!!