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  • LD Crowe

    Stuffed animal haunted house

  • Debra Dylan

    I've heard of the Crazy Cat Lady but not the Crazy Plush Animal Lady - this could easily be me!

  • Veronica Hunziker

    This photo was taken in Detroit by Aaron Wynia. #stuffed #animals #awesome

  • Kyla Overson

    Aaron Wynia took this photo in Detroit last summer on a skateboard trip in Detroit and says, “Detroit is full of run down houses, this is one of em.” And we think that house and this photo are pretty awesome. [via Fecal Face Dot Com] Wow now thats a cat house !!

  • Megan Hackman

    This photo was taken in Detroit on a skateboard trip, by Aaron Wynia. real life foster's home for imaginary friends

  • Brandi Phillips

    When hording stuff animals goes out of control.

  • WaiChing Yap

    abandoned house by Aaron Wynia

  • Fabian Flores

    creepy house

Imaginary Friends, Stuff Animal, Creepy Houses, Haunted Houses, Aaron Wynia, Cat Houses, Crazy Cat Lady, Abandoned Houses, Stuffed Animal

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just want to take a long walk now.

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