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Map of Late Cretaceous coastline, from the post "How presidential elections are impacted by a 100 million year old coastline"

Hypernova - Gamma rays burst from either pole of a shattered star undergoing a hypernova explosion. Don Dixon, 2005.

⚒ Normal Faults (graben) restoration - near Zanjan, Iran |#Geology *Photo : © Mehdi Jahangiri visit :

The Atlanticfrom The Atlantic

What Did the Continents Look Like Millions of Years Ago?

This second sequence shows the continents drifting apart, in reverse, from 105 million years ago to 240 million years ago.

Use this map to explore the history of life through geologic time in North America. Use the arrows or click and drag to navigate the map. Click on the map labels or on the geologic time scale for details. Or use the menus below to narrow your search.

Washington Postfrom Washington Post

Which of the 11 American nations do you live in?

“American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America.” Here’s how he breaks down the continent: -->

More beautiful symmetry. In black and red, the Atlantic ocean floor is youngest at the center, and oldest (light blue) along the edges of the continents. The Atlantic is opening at about the same rate your fingernails grow. The image is by NOAA.

Gizmodofrom Gizmodo

This is What 43,000 Galaxies Look Like On a Map

43,000 Galaxies on a Map / the most complete map of our local universe to date. It took more that ten years to create, has 43,000 galaxies and extends out 380 million light years from the earth. The 3D coordinates of each galaxy was recorded so the raw data could potentially be used to build a realistic 3D model of the universe.

TreeHuggerfrom TreeHugger

This is what Earth will look like if we melt all the ice

sea level rise map... for future science fiction and post apocalyptic stories. I actually thought it would be more severe.