"Pretty Girl"

Most adorable shih tzu ever!

Hahahah. Poor thing. Shih tzus rule. Lilyanna said that looks like her when she is getting ready to go to school. lol

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cutest Chihuahua puppy face!

Shih tzu


It's so cute I'm gonna die. I want!

Dogs can get into messy situations, with some pretty humorous results. There’s even an entire movement dedicated to showing the world just how much trouble our beloved pups can get into.

Look at the lashes on these Shih Tzu!

Cute baby shih tzu.

Half Shih Tzu, half bichon. They're called teddy bears!

Love this pretty little cocker spaniel

teacup piggie!

That face, so precious!


Cute puppy!!!

Imperial Shih Tzu. While I have great reservations about the Imperial Shih Tzu in general, this is an adorable puppy!


Gotta love this face!