Love this!!

Hahaha this is hilarious


Always remember

That's hilarious

Oh Finals, I wish I had this incentive before the week was almost over!

The future.

Rick Grimes Dad Jokes, The Walking Dead

This baby rules.


so true!

Imagine your kid asking you "Mommy, how do we handle stress?" Of course at this point you have no idea that it's for homework, so naturally MY response would be " Suck it up."


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I told my daughter to strike a pose to get boys to notice her. I can sleep soundly now as father knowing this is the look she will give potential suitors

Remember how blessed you are! Love this! Great reminder for this time of year.

How to write the best resume... say you were Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year (because we all were)

The frozen bird lesson… The frozen bird lesson… lol @Peg Hewitt Hewitt Hewitt Hewitt Downs Sorensen and @Katlyn Lovett Lovett Lovett Lovett Sorensen too funny and Truth be told...