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Activities: Grab Bag Numbers: A Math Game/counting activity

Activities: Grab Bag Numbers: A Math Game. Could make it more interesting by having them retrieve written number of objects located around the classroom. 4 markers, etc.

Activities: Play the Blue Bean Counting Game. Simple addition game.

Play the Blue Bean Counting Game

abc themes

This quick linky page will have a home up in the “ABC Themes” tab above and on the sidebar to the right! Just look for this button … Sim.

Use this easy-to-make beanbag game to teach your preschooler to count

Beanbag Game

Perpetual calendar- this is an adorable idea! I would make Birthday, Holiday, and Special Occasion pins too!

How-To: Make a Perpetual Button Calendar for 2011 (and Beyond)

Activities: Play the Fish for Numbers Game! Number recognition.  Also: Roll a dice and then ask the child to fish for a number that's higher or lower than what was on the dice

Play the Fish for Numbers Game!

Free Preschool Fine Motor Skills Worksheets. (everything from cutting to numbers to letters etc...)

Not only is this book full of activities that promote fine motor skills, it has sections written by an occupational therapist that explain the skills, how to build them and why they are necessary.