Forgotten in time by Jorge Maia

Rainy Day by Cristian Calzone. ☚

woman in flowing black sheer long gown diving into ocean but looks like she's flying in air over ocean ,

Smoke pouring out of a Martini Glass, black & white photo.

Groynes_revisited 2.0 by Geoffrey Gilson, via Flickr


love the texture of the boat and the muted tones in the background

♂ Aged with beauty Sunset beach "Broken Boat" by Ade Rinaldi

paper boats

" We sail within a vast sphere, ever drifting in uncertainty, driven from end to end. ~ Blaise Pascal "

Black and White Dandelions. #photography #wish #summer

Marcin Ryczek Photography

Water. Mist. By Taka, Japan.


I want... a heart this still -- like a rowboat on a still pond under a silent moon. (by Jacques Gauthier)

"Dios mío, tu mar es tan grande y mi barco tan pequeño." - Oración de los pescadores bretones, Francia.