Forgotten in time by Jorge Maia


picture of the silent protest organized by Occupy Boise, part of the Occupy Wall Street gatherings. Today they are taping $1 over their mouths to symbolize how the 1% have silenced the other 99% in the USA. They also say the $1 is one dollar more than the Bank of America has paid in taxes

Smoke pouring out of a Martini Glass, black & white photo.


woman in flowing black sheer long gown diving into ocean but looks like she's flying in air over ocean ,

Rainy Day. Awesome use of slow shutter speed to capture the movement of the raindrops


water, boat, tree, black and white photo, peace, harmony, relax,

paper boats


black + white + sailboat + minimalist

Broken Boat

Groynes_revisited 2.0 by Geoffrey Gilson, via Flickr


Black and White Dandelions. Take black and white photos of herbs, make the stylistic?

Da Mi Lake. Vietnam.

love the texture of the boat and the muted tones in the background

Light and Smoke by Eddy Archer