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Frida Kahlo


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Frida Kahlo Portrait Domino Digital Collage Sheet 1x2 by magicpug

Frida Kahlo by Manuel Álvarez Bravo in front of Picasso-L-Acrobat

Frida Kahlo and her Itzcuintli dogs, c. 1944 Photograph by Lola Alvarez Bravo.

Frida Kahlo, tras ella, "Acrobat" de Pablo Picasso.

I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best. • Frida Kahlo

Manuel Álvarez Bravo - Frida Kahlo in the artist's studio (1932)

Manuel Alvarez Bravo, “Frida Sitting in Front of a Picasso Exhibit” - 1931

Frida Kahlo, photograph by Lola Álvarez Bravo, 1944 by dou_ble_you, via Flickr

Frida Kahlo rockin the eyebrows. It is so awesome how someone who is so different from the stereotypical beauty could be so beautiful.

Frida has been described as: "…one of history's grand divas…a tequila-slamming, dirty joke-telling smoker, bi-sexual that hobbled about her bohemian barrio in lavish indigenous dress and threw festive dinner parties for the likes of Leon Trotsky, poet Pablo Neruda, Nelson Rockefeller, and her on-again, off-again husband, muralist Diego Rivera."