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GoPro Omni is the VR action camera you're looking for

Your digital camera's enemies (and how to defeat them) | Digital Camera World

Understanding Camera Lenses ~ Angle of View, Focal Length, F Stops, Depth of ... The angle of view of your camera lens is the area of the image captured by the image sensor, expressed as an angle horizontally. The larger the...

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Sandisk, Lexar, Kingston not making new XQD cards

Memory cards for cameras: how to choose and use the right storage device - Digital Camera World

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10 best compact cameras 2016

The right way to set up your camera | Digital Camera World

Capturing Joy with Kristen Dukefrom Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

Beginner Photography Books

Photography tips for how to use your digital SLR camera on manual settings. Say NO to Auto.

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44 essential digital camera tips and tricks

44 essential digital camera tips and tricks-- Just because you've bought an expensive camera doesn't mean your pictures will be amazing. Good photography takes a lot of work & practice!

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10 best mirrorless cameras in 2016

10 Classic Posing Mistakes Every Portrait Photographer Makes (And How To Fix Them) | Digital Camera World

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13 ideas for creative camera work

9 creative photo ideas to try in January 2014 | Digital Camera World

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Comparing at 20mm, 35mm, and a 50mm on a Crop Sensor Camera

Comparing 20mm, 35mm, and 50mm lenses

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5 best mirrorless cameras for beginners 2015

Beginner photography tips: Common mistakes with exposure and color | Digital Camera World