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Use a beauty dish on a strobe (red) and a simple flash (green).

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1: Full CTO; 2: 1/2 CTO. For this image I used the CTO to create the look of a sunset. Since there was no sun out that day, I figured I could create one myself with a flash and a reflector dish. I placed my flash outside and another to my right so it could bounce on the wall. The CTO can reproduce the temperature of a sunset really well and allows a lot of possibilities.

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Joel Grimes. I’m a minimalist and like using one light whenever I can. The problem with using one light is a lot of times you are left with areas of shadows. Now, if that’s the look you’re going for, have at it, but if you need a clean well-lit beauty portrait, using one light can seem challenging at first. But with the help of a reflector and changing the position of your main light, you can create a few different looks quickly and easily.

make ur own 'beauty dish'

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1. Cyan; 2. Softbox 1/2 CTO Using the same colors but a different lighting, we can have a softer render. Here the cyan reflects on a white wall and a reflector is added under the model

make your own beauty dish

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