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Dirk de Herder - Obscuur, Stockholm, 1951

Dirk de Herder - Flashback: Amsterdam, 1947

Dirk de Herder - Flashback: Amsterdam, 1947.

Fred Herzog's work focuses primarily on "ordinary" people, the working class, and their connections to the city around them. He worked primarily with slide film (mostly Kodachrome), which limited his ability to exhibit, and also marginalized him somewhat as an artist in the 1950s and 60s when most work was in Black and White. However, he has been increasingly recognized in recent decades.

Elliott Erwitt: New York City, 1955. The Third Avenue El (or elevated train, long since dismantled).

Benn Mitchell “Lonely Man”, New York City. Such intrigue created through the use of the taller than life shadow and the natural dark vignette around the edges.

New York City, 1955 | by Elliott Erwitt they visited Long Island the 1950's I remember...pumpernical bread...and coney island...very little

The city that never sleeps by Carmen Moreno Photography. NYC in a blur.

E. O. Hoppé - New York City, 1926 From E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection

"What city are you in this time?" He asked. Kelly leaned into his voice and felt the hard edges of the phone. Opening the blinds, New York met her eyes. "I'm in Chicago." "Why would they send you there." She hated this; Hated lying to him. But it was far better than him dying because of a loose tongue."Business babe." "Well have a great time." He hesitated. "I'm counting the days until you come home ok, so.... come home." He was making her cry. She laughed to hide it. "I'll be home." -JK

New York City by Leonard Freed, 1950s [ love this capture composition, light, angle it's amazing ]