This is so easy. Cut out any scary shapes on black cardboard, tape to window panes, cover with yellow tissue paper and light from behind. It's a great effect.

Hallowindows (haha!!) Cut out silhouettes to put in your windows. When night falls and the lights come on...the scares begin!

Black cat Halloween makeup

Shape Chicken Wire into Ghostly figures & spray with glow in the dark paint..@Christina Childress Childress Childress Flinn this would be cool at the Bella Luna for a Halloween party.

green costume - #iloveavocadosforhalloween

I love this Halloween window decor idea, with orange lights and black silhouettes -- it's classy and simple. (She used a chandelier decal from Target and a black cat silhouette from Martha Stewart.)

DIY ghosts: Model heads and cheese cloth can be purchased at most major craft stores. Simply stretch the cheese cloth over the heads, using glue to hold them down.

Easy halloween decorations


what a scary mummy for a window. LOVE 34299 halloween window decorations

Cover the windows with orange tissue paper, them a black witch outline

Eyes in the Bushes: Use glow sticks and hide the eyes in the bushes for Halloween.

As day turns to night, call on candles to cast an eerie glow throughout your home. When fierce silhouettes are propped above them, spectacular shadows dance across the walls.

found “Head in a Jar” last year. It’s really easy to make. Get a jar. A big mayo jar or a greenish antique jar like I did. Find a dead man’s face on the web. It’s easier than you think. Think Mexican drug dealer pictures. Resize the found head pic to about the height of the jar. Cut out the head pretty closely. Put the cut out head in the jar. Get a black plastic bag and wrinkle it up and stick in in the jar behind the cut out head. It’ll act as “hair.” Screw on the top and voila! Head in a ...

black umbrellas and witch legs! How fun!

A Floating Ghost! So easy I can't wait to make one!

Halloween Decorations


Make some spooky skeleton hands.

Halloween decor