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Venn diagram to compare fairy tales

Compare and Contrast Fairy Tales

These three activities will help your student learn how to compare and contrast two versions of the Fairy Tale, Cinderella. Activity 1--Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram--Students can use prepared sentence strips or write in their own ideas. Activity 2--Opinion Writing--Students write an opinion piece describing which version of Cinderella they like. Activity 3 Setting Details

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A Venn Diagram to help with comparing and contrasting the two stories. ...

Compare and Contrast of FAIRY TALE Wolves

Free fairy tale writing so cute...has word banks and paper for fairy tale and Star Wars! Maybe for work on writing?

Fairy Tales Unit is excellent: comparing and summarizing


My Kindergarteners compared and contrasted The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and The Three Bears using a Venn Diagram.

Fairy Tale Freebie

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Door Decoration for fairy tale unit

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Complete week-long writing lesson! Another take on the Goldilocks and the 3 Bears fairy tale... Goldilocks Needs to Learn Some Rules! There are 9 different FAIRY TALES in the series.

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Funny Fairy Tale books for kids -- even the adults will laugh out loud with these reads!

FREEBIE -Fairy Tale and Fable Themes