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  • Malinda Hurley

    Modern Day Feminism... So F@#$%& wrong!

  • Jane Doe

    Now according to politicians some women are easy targets, its God's will or you should not wear those clothes. Call the government and ask them if this would be acceptable to someone they know. God gives you a free mind. Even children know the meaning of NO! If you can not distinguish right from wrong cut your genitals off. kthxbai

  • Nicole Reis

    What kind of a culture allows a man who's willing to rape a woman have the right to have visitation rights to that child? How could a state allow a man who's perpetrated a violent crime on a woman even expect that the woman would ever have to see him again. So is society saying it's o-k to rape a woman if you want a child?

  • Leanne Welch

    Disgusting to think that this is true--and I hope this never happens to your sister or little girl because too soon she won't be allowed to choose for herself.

  • Joy Robinson

    Scary as hell! And very wrong!!!!!

  • Donna Powell

    What's wrong with this picture? This is sickening! Rapists should have their privates cut off!!!! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY THAT GOD WILL CHANGE THE HEARTS OF THESE PEOPLE AND OUR PRESIDENT

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