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  • K Wilson

    Imperial Margarine ad. When you took a bite, a crown appeared on your head.

  • Robbie

    Imperial Margarine -These commercials were on tv a crown would TADA!! Appear on his head when he ate the margarine, very popular. Why? Hmm?

  • Shel Harrington

    Remember margarine "fit for a king?"

  • Dallas Nevin

    Imperial Margarine. In the commercial as soon as you took a bite of the bread with the Imperial Margarine, a horn would blow and a crown would magically appear on the person's head.

  • Rosie Baker

    Do you remember this commerical?

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The Slinky was invented in 1943 by Richard James and first sold by Gimbal's Department stores in 1945. In 1960 Richard James gave all his money to a religious cult and moved to Bolivia. In 1962 his wife Betty James, reorganized the company, began an advertising campaign and gave us the Slinky we know today.


Remember the library "check out" card? If you've even been IN a library lately - it's all scanned. But - really - doesn't everyone do this via Kindle now?

  • 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘

    This are still the library cards at my school. We also stil have those TVs that are on those stands that roll around. XD

  • 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘

    Now that I think about it the little kids still use those little skateboard things too XD

  • Patty Thompson

    As a retired library paraprofessional, I can tell you that soooo much literature & reference works are NOT available digitally. We all ought to enable libraries survival!

  • Crystal Julian

    I thought is was so cool to see if someone I knew had read the same book I did.. The knowledge of that should be reserved..

Good old Dick and Jane-M first reading books in school.

LOVED this did my hair stylist. She (and other girls in the shop) couldn't believe this was the shampoo (with matching conditioner) I used. It kept my fine, flyaway hair from being frizzy without weighing it down...and it made your hair really SHINE! Salon gals couldn't believe it because this shampoo was considered "cheap."

Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute! Never be a dirty bird. In the city or in the woods, help keep America looking good.

God's eye. ...we tied 2 twigs together with the yarn, and then went from there; first creating a cross effect and then starting the weaving process (over and around on one twig and then under and around on the next and continuing through to the end). We used 2 colours, tying the yarn when it was time to and then to end it by weaving through and knotting it.

Old Toys R Us sign. Remember this jingle?: "The world's biggest toy store is Toys 'R' Us! The biggest selection -- Toys 'R' Us!

*Vintage Old Maid Card and look how cute she is I always remembered her as not old is Grammy?

You heard it folks, Parkay margarine is a perfectly delicious spread!

Remember the Teaberry Shuffle Commercial from the 60's?

Before you choose any typewriter... vintage 1950s office ads