cinder block grow boxes

building a cold frame

Build a cold frame, for next winter.

strawberries in cinder blocks - they stay contained and look so pretty!

Cold frames are a time-honored way to grow leafy greens over the winter and to start seedlings in the spring in cold climates

How to Build a Removable Cold Frame on top of your raised veg beds...

Cold frames made with windows.. I would love that cold frame.. looks easy enough to make... hmmm.. who can I get to make it for me????

DIY Cold Frame ... Salvaged windows make a practical frame to raise plants in cold winter months. With a little DIY-ingenuity, use reclaimed wood to complete the sides and keep your costs down & keep your garden growing. Learn to make a simple cold frame @ | The Micro Gardener

Get a jump on your summer garden by using a cold frame.

Cold frames beside the greenhouse

Build a cold frame for plants?

Straw Bale Cold Frame

Early, cold hardy crops in a cold frame at the Chicago Botanic Garden - nice!! #edible #vegetable #backyard #gardening

Cold Frame Mini Greenhouse Tutorial.

cold frames and strawberry towers

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vertical garden

Lotus Flower

Grow it!

12 Fastest Veggies to Grow