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Are you ready for more enlightened relationships, healthier self-esteem, and genuine unconditional love? This summer, we want to invite our beloved Chopra Center family to be part of our best meditation challenge experience yet - Free to Love. Discover the relationships you have always dreamed of. Experience emotional healing, removing the sub-conscious thought patterns that prevent you from successful, loving connections. Learn to live in a loving state of grace. Expand your consciousness…

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Meditation Techniques for Beginners Demonstrated by Deepak Chopra (Video)

meditation for beginners

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5 Steps To Harness The Power Of Intention

Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love. Everything that happens in

Chin Mudra y Jñana Mudra / Hands On: Yoga Mudras to Sharpen Your Focus -

"...Other people may look to the past for change, to see what it is they did wrong, why they are left feeling a certain way, analyzing and conceptualizing their situation. But the past has already happened, has already finished, so all we are really doing when we replay these stories in the mind is creating the conditions for these same thoughts and feelings to continue." Andy Puddicombe

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Five Mindfulness Practices You Can Start Today

The idea of practicing mindfulness can seem overwhelming, or maybe it's just for people who do yoga or live in a monastery. Not true! Think of mindfulness as the act of having an awareness of the world around you; it invites you to be in the present instead of focusing on reliving the past or running ahead to all that is on your to-do list for tomorrow. And, anyone can do it! Read on as eBay shares five ideas to get you started bringing mindfulness into your day.

This is a 30 day meditation challenge. Meditation is the best for the mind, body and soul. - I already try to do it every day, but this could be useful in keeping me accountable on the days I "don't have time".

Checkout the first @Shawn O O O O O O Mann infographic! Ever wonder what the curves of the #Om symbol mean? See this #infographic and learn about the symbolism more at

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BodyRock: Get in the best shape of your life at home for free

Intense 12 minute home workouts - a new one every day. They also have challenges on their website.

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21 Signs Your Meditation & Yoga Practices Are Working

5 Yoga Poses Your Knees Need To Stay Healthy Like other kinds of discomfort, knee pain can most commonly be traced back to a misalignment of some kind. The following poses can help you identify and correct these misalignments with daily