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Lotus Flower Tattoos

A colorful and creative lotus flower tattoo design that is a great tattoo for girls and women

Mariposas Pequeñas en Acuarelas by Javi Wolf

Mariposas Pequeñas en Acuarelas by Javi Wolf

Coloured lotus

The lotus flower tattoo is a meaningful and beautiful design which is quite popular all around the world. Have a look at our 155 Lotus Flower Tattoo.

realistic star gazer lilly tattoo - Bing Images

Color Lily Tattoo by *hatefulss - I do not like lilies but the shading on this tattoo is gorgeous. "Watercolor" inspired- no black ink. The only flower tattoo that I want is a magnolia blossom but I am not sure this technique would work on a white flower.

awesome lotus flower body art - http://www.freetattooideas.net/category/flower-tattoos/lotus-flower-tattoos/

Lotus Flower Tattoo ~ I like & am enjoying all the vibrant colors on this lotus. It's just too bad that tattoo's fade after a short amount of time.

Flores de loto

Flores de loto

Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo Photos

Have any trouble to find your Lotus flower tattoo design? This list of latest Lotus flower tattoo designs are very cool, cute and

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Bright Purple and White (spirally) Lotus flower tattoo I think I like the deeper, rich colors in contrast to the bright over just all bright. I would place it different and I honestly just like the color n background I have a diff lotus is mind.

I don't normally like lots of color on tattoos but this is gorgeoussss

For Unique Traditional American Tattoos Rose, placement maybe on chest

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