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Bulldog & Santa Suit $9.99

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25 Photos of Santa with Bulldogs

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santa with dogs | santa with bulldogs 2 Bulldogs Enjoying on Santas

Christmas Xmas Noël Kertmis

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'Santa's little helper is pooped', French Bulldog in Reindeer Antlers.

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Christmas Pug (Photo by Lu Donfer) Merry Christmas Card Puppy Holiday Dogs Santa Claus Dog Puppies Xmas Pugs

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This could Possibly Be the cutest dog I have ever seen.. ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Santa Paws Frenchie Greeting Cards

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French Bulldogs


Look at this Santa Paws Frenchie Greeting Cards on #zulily today!

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such a sucker for that face....

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Santa Paws Trinket Box Set

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French Bulldogs



Look at this Santa Paws Trinket Box Set on #zulily today!

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boxers are curious little kids, just love them #boxerlove

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Take a look at this Santa Hat Bulldog Ornament by Jillson & Roberts on #zulily today!

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Resting his heavy dome.

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xmas bulldog...and when santa comes down this chimney...we don't attack him cause he brings you lots of toys!!!

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Santa Puppy: 25 Dogs That Want The Job

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ho ho ho

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Adorable. Kind of makes me want another one.

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Bulldog Santa

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Toy Modern

Modern Kids

This is Bruno. Well, that's the name of our bulldog from Ikea. Life would be really not so great if we list this guy. Joshua's third most important thing in the world (after Mommy and Daddy, of course).