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How to Wash Grapes the Right Way

I can never get that white, waxy coating off grapes when washing them. So I set out to find a way to thoroughly wash grapes the proper way! All you need is some baking soda and salt and your grapes will be scrubbed clean in no time.
  • Rebecca LaCouture

    HOW TO: Wash Grapes The Right Way - I had no idea!! Use 1-2 T Salt & Baking Soda. Shake in a bowl & rinse.

  • Lacey Lairamore

    kitchen tip: how to clean the wax off grapes using salt and baking soda

  • Mary Kai

    HOW TO: Wash Grapes The Right Way uses salt and baking soda. Tried it today and it worked great!

  • Marcia Lee

    How to wash grapes: salt and baking soda. Only wash what you will eat right away, as the extra moisture from washing will speed up their decay.

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