How to print on standard brown lunch bags. So many uses.

How to Print on Paper Bags!

paper plate basket

Mod Podge Photo Flower Pot. Great gift idea!

gift wrap

paper bags as gift wrap or as party favors - use fancy edge punches along bag opening & punch holes across 1 inch below to weave thin ribbon or yarn through ...

paper crafts

Dry erase boards made out of picture frames! This would be awesome for a teacher's desk to keep reminders/to do's on. Wouldn't get lost in all the other papers :)

Turn a pillow case into a shoulder bag!

Sweet Floweret: Printable Lunch Bags! Tutorial

paper stars

Homemade bows. So many possibilities!

Little Birdie Secrets: burlap and paper banners {tutorial}

Print out a pattern you like, place a sheet of wax paper over it and trace the pattern with puffy paints. When it dries peel it off the wax paper and apply it to permanent surface.

What you will need: white paper with letters printed out OR White paper with alphabet stickers placed on top: 0-$2.00 2 bags smooth round glass stones- Dollar Tree- $2.00 26 Magnets optional: $3.50- $6.00 other items e6000 glue mod podge scissors

Food storage, etc. Website breaks down what you need to buy for food storage per month, 72 hr kit ideas, and more!

DIY Gift Bags

brown paper bag pockets to hold card and cash, movie tickets, gift card etc...

Bee In My Bonnet: Hot/Cold Bags Tutorial...These would be great little gifts! Right now I have an old sock filled with rice for my heat pack....these would be better.

Ashli, we could use white lunch bags for parent gifts? Simple snowman gift bag

Tutorial on how to fold plastic grocery bags into "footballs." Keep a couple in your purse and car for when you need a bag on the go