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I do not know his name, but we leaned in the window and he prayed with us - he took off work without pay and drove to Texas and delivered warm food to those of us sitting on the lawns of evacuated sites - God Bless him and so many others like him . . . Red Cross Florida Driver by coastalangler, via Flickr

Sailboat Lawn by coastalangler, via Flickr

Red Light Repair ~ Inoperable traffic lights posed a horrendous threat to drivers after Hurricane Ike, especially at night. Even at major intersections, lights were virtually impossible to see before vehicles passed through. The result was a great many serious traffic accidents.

The American Red Cross did a superb job of assisting victims of Hurricane Ike. Here, they pass out hot meals, fruit bags and ice to people in Pearland, Texas, who some two weeks after the storm were still without power.

Highline Sign by coastalangler, via Flickr

Collapsed Boat House by coastalangler, via Flickr

TEA PARTY IDOL DOC hates government assistance. Dr. Ben Carson grew up in public schools, got public housing and food stamps, helped by Affirmative Action, got Pell grants for college, and free glasses from gov't program.

Guardsman Salute by coastalangler, via Flickr

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