Leopard Man... 67yr old Tom Leppard seems extremely happy living in a hand-built home on the isle of skye, 99% of his body tattooed with leopard print. he spends his days reading, scampering about the place on all fours like a leopard and staying away from the hustle and bustle of modern society.

what massive steroids can do for you, too?

What did one depressed boob say to the other? We better perk up, or someone is gonna think we're nuts.

DUDE!!!!! I have no words .... there is just too much wrong with this man .. where to begin?!

America's Next Top Model that lives on lettuce leaves...when is extreme dieting enough?

What were they thinking...Can't even say one word about that dolphin..o_0

Live birth is common in some snakes.

wow, wtf?

Guitar boat

Michelle Pfeiffer

#strange people

You never get to see anyone hunt giant grasshoppers anymore. | 40 Pictures That Show Just How Much The World Has Changed

extreme bodybuilding, WOW


Someone plz tell me what the fuck this girl was thinking ......

Yep. No.

people of walmart

"The invitation said 'Bill Clinton, plus guest'. I was voting for Monica for no damn reason." - Katt Williams haha