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Покажи ми красота пак и отново... :: BG-Mamma

Scares the cr*p out of me. vintage creepy | vintage everyday: Creepy 1920s Photos of 'The Boogeyman'

Connections to the Bubonic Plague (Black Death)? The words to the Ring around the rosy children's ring game have their origin in English history

Common sense, Just because you can, doesn't mean you should demotivational poster

space ship -★- space trip (wonders if family vacation pics will commonly look a lot like this one day)

Pilgrim State Hospital, Brentwood, NY, 1938. A mental patient strapped into a continuous-flow tub. This method was used to calm down the patient. Their bodies were greased, which enabled them to remain in the tub for hours and gradually fall asleep.

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"WHY WAIT TILL 1955, We Might Not Even Be Alive" Members of the Highland Park Optimists Club at a banquet wearing gas masks, 1954.