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Hiding Septic Tank | Old wine barrel to hide the septic tank cover



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septic tank cover

What to Plant Over Septic Field? Dahlias are good flowers to grow in a septic tank field.

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Flowerbed Combination Ideas. Love the contrast here. This link gives tons of plant combos for sun vs. shade. Flower beds, containers, etc.

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All season flower bed

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This looks almost identical to the raised flower bed I put in my former back yard. I miss that flower bed! I plan to put another one in my new back yard in time....


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Add Texture to Beds and Borders

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Backyard flower garden with charming stone edging.

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These creative ostrich plant holders are designed to showcase flowers artfully, as the contents of the round basket you include mimic an ostrich's plumes.

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25 Gorgeous Dry Creek Bed Design Ideas - Style Estate -

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Looking to improve the look of your home exterior and lawn? Many homeowners turn to trees to beautify their homes and increase their value. We have looked at 11 Trees you should not plant and added another 10 More trees. We’ve also listed some Fall stunners. Planting and maintaining trees can be a bigger hassle …

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So pretty....

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My kind of flower garden

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This is really cool. I love "potted" flower beds. I'm going to try this!

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Lovely spot in the garden....Oliver and Rust: Colourful flowers and a vole update


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bougainvillea tree. They do well in hot, dry areas, like Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

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flower bed designs for front of house | Use shrubs /small trees to form the skeletal struct ure of your ...

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Daylilies and hostas! two hard to kill or in other words, easy to grow plants that make this bed look marvelous! And both plants multiply, too!

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For the side of the house flower bed

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Irregularly shaped beds in the corners of the backyard - choose 3-4 plants and vary throughout.

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