He helped me set up the organizer from the container store. It's amazing.

Little Reasons To Smile


Little Reasons To Smile - The way your hair feels after getting a hair cut... oh yes Aunt Kendra!!! :) it feels sooooo good!

One of my favorite smells. That and the smell of the beach. *sighs happily*

don't forget to smile

reasons to smile.


just girly things

This is just so girly and it makes me want to smile!

I have to say i am strangely obsessed with snowcones!

‘wishing evertime you reblog an outfit, it’d appear in your closet’ …man i wish this all the time!!!

when you put your hair up and it actually looks good #littlereasonstosmile

Love sun!

little reasons to smile

don't forget to smile


don't forget to smile

vacation #littlereasonstosmile

I only look good in oversized sunglasses. I have big eyes and long eyelashes, so the sunglasses have to be big hehe