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The CritterZone Air Naturalizer is your solution for odor control in your home. It creates a natural, charged flow that fills the air, giving it the power to clean itself. Use it to tackle pet odors, cooking smells, allergies, accidents on carpet and more

All aboard! Mother swan takes babies under her wing for trip across the pond

I like this picture. And I like that it's a little bear family. How cute is this?


maya47000: Love Story by Vitaly Tkach - katt rådyr

مـن اگر نیکـم و گر بد تو برو خود را باش هر کـسی آن درود عاقبت کار کـه کـشـت Whether I am good or bad, you go be yourself At the end, each shall reap what h/she has sown

Love is Innocent when it is nothing but a Sharing of your Energy. You have too Much, so you Share... You want to Share. " Osho The 99 Names Of Nothingness, Talk #8