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iTwin: a double-sided thumb drive that splits apart in the middle; plug one half into one computer and the other into the second and instantly you can drag and drop files from place to place. Stroke of Genius.

Wish your employer didn't block Facebook? This gadget allows you to browse restricted websites and maintain your privacy on public computer.

I want this so I can stop carrying around a cable just for my iphone. I think every computer accessory these days gets charged via mini usb

Perfect for keeping confidential files between work desktop and laptops! Secure USB Key #tech #gadgets

took me a second, but once I got it, blew my mind

Cool Stuff We Like Here @ CoolPile.com ------- << Original Comment >> ------- ipod iphone charging station with speakers from vintage radio test equipment

The Theft Recovery Microchips - Hammacher Schlemmer

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 18 Pics

Interactive Infographic on the History of Computers - stretching from 2400 BC and the Abacus to Binary and Da Vinci’s inventiveness, the birth of Turing in 1912 and to what we know as the major players of today Microsoft, Apple and a brief mention of the Commodore 64.

♀ Unique product design - View files on the flash drive itself—no computer necessary………………

This iPhone case will protect your phone in extreme conditions.


Genius Wireless Pen Mouse. #gadgets #tech #electronics

Kanex Let’s You Travel with Your Own Private WiFi Network

HP LiM Glass Computer Concept is Awesome!

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 42 Pics

Hammacher Schlemmer Cassette To iPod Converter :: Oh my goodness. I have tapes that deserve this preservation. <3

The Top 5 Best External Hard Drives

iPhone with large camera lens for photographers. Cool! #geek #gadgets | Yay! | RonaldWilsher.com

Bluetooth Tablet Station with Wireless Keyboard