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Out of body...traveling to another dimension Scientists at Harvard now believe when dreaming we travel to alternative universe. What is Life, Death and the Afterlife?

"Breathing happens; sensations, feelings, and emotions come and go; thoughts pass through the mind; and stories about our experiences form, but the only continuous, unbroken, and always present thing is consciousness itself. Consciousness is that which, in us, is aware of all these changing phenomena. This is the nondual truth of existence" Jim Dreaver

Symptoms of Awakening

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening#2. Emotional Upheaval We like to call it, “The Bipolar Roller coaster of your Emotions”. This is where you will experience the extreme polarity of Emotions moving from euphoria to depression as if you feel your emotions are completely out of your control. This is the result of your hormones changing through your endocrine system. One minute you will feel on top of the world and the next you will encounter deep waves of emotion that will lead to tears.This is…

“There are no coincidences. Every event we experience and every person we meet has intentionally been put in our path to help raise our level of consciousness.” ~ Cheryl Richardson