German Shephard puppies!

Here Are 10 Facts German Shepherd Lovers Must Always Remember The last one made me cry

I love German Shepards!

19 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own A German Shepherd...I have a German Shepherd and I absolutely loved this article. My GS and my husky are the sweetest dogs ever.



My German shepherd /rotweiller mix puppy

I used to have a beautiful German Shepard like this one.....I miss her!: Animals, German Shepards, Gsd Puppies, Gsd Puppy, German Shepherds, German Shepherd Puppies, Shepherd Dogs, Friend

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German Shepherd Dog

German Shepard

German Shepherd puppy


German Sheppard Puppy! So cute!!

a german shepherd PUUUUPPPPYYY!!!!!

Adorable German Shepherd puppy!

German Shepherd

Dogs best friend

German Shepherd - i grew up with these dogs