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  • Michelle Stewart

    Gubna Imperial IPA Oskar Blues Brewery Longmont, Colorado Another canned beer gets the coveted "Must Try" badge. The "hoppiest beer" (100 IBUs!) and a 10% ABV make tihs a "dauntingly big beer" - "canned explosion" even. A "mellow and spicy" aroma leads to an "initially sweet, with a pineapple fruitiness" start, followed by a "bracing but clean" aftertaste. Time to try it!

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i'm almost a beer snob, but sometimes i need something cheap to play flip cup and beer pong with.

Old Chub - Scottish Style Ale Good Scotch ale...I am hoping that it was cheap, but I doubt it

Beer is obviously made for drinking — but it’s also good for things like cooking, cleaning, and murdering unwanted varmints.

1935. An American Export. Pabst develops keg-lined Tap-a-Cans, with “Brewery Goodness Sealed Right In,” becoming one of the first breweries to offer beer in cans. Oddly, the canned product is called Pabst Export Beer, while the Pabst Blue Ribbon is reserved for the bottled beer.

A Venn diagram that doubles as art showing the basic ingredients in beer. Not incredibly informational but I thought it was clever.

Recently, a few local breweries have started down a new, less boozie path by brewing root beer. There's something wonderful about real root beer that can not be denied. On that same note, there's s...

The Miraculous, Magical, Magnificent History of #Beer.

Oskar Blues Can Can Girls Beer Club