Koolaid slurpees, better than 7/11

Do you or your kids love slurpees from 7-11? This homemade version might get you to start making your own at home!

Kool Aid Slurpees- no way!! These are so easy to make and so good. Your kids will have fun making them with you!

slurpee recipe

KOOL-AID ICE CREAM ! 1 pack 0.14 oz unsweetened kool-aid 1 C granulated sugar 2 C milk 1 C half half Mix Kool-Aid with sugar. Add the milk, half half and mix until dissolved. Pour in shallow freezer container. Freeze for 1-2 hrs until slightly thickened. put mixture in bowl, beat smooth. Return to freezer container, cover and freeze 8 hrs or over night. Remove 20 minutes before serving. Recipe yields - 3 cups.

5 Homemade Slurpees Recipes – Summer Classics. Just change the fruit to change the flavor of your homemade slurpees, add a straw and you are all set!

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truly is the best iced coffee!

Making these for the kids end of the year party! it is such a cute healthy class snack idea.

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