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    Young driver with old car stopped by dealership to complain that the iPhone dock isn't working & scratching his phone....

    Cannot stop laughing!!!

    Judgmental Tree Frog

    My boss is a meme: Obsessed Google Glass Guy.

    Gamma Rabbit John Scalzi

    Possibly the best five minutes of physical comedy in modern times.

    Darth Vader the Father

    "Men's Rights" Venn Diagram

    Larue’s team followed a group of tech company workers for a year and found that the prevalence of free clothing in the Silicon Valley ecosystem has in fact created a “hierarchy of swag” in tech companies.

    How the Film ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Should Have Ended

    50 Shades of Grey Cats (Autostraddle)

    Maybe they'll pin us!


    Too hip for your own good? Unpretentiousil can help!

    I Miss Drugs, Episode One:

    Henry Rollins vs Hipsters. "Oh. I see. Is this where the young elitist hipsters take on the ancient dodgy in-the-way types?"

    Hipster Olympics. "No self-respecting hipster would ever enter this contest ... so we're forced to assume that contestant participation is strictly ironic."

    Future Hipsters, Remembering The Good Old Days of the Internet. "I told people I was a Community Manager. They didn't really understand what I was doing."

    This Deal's Getting Worse All The Time

    Last night, Sarah told me that she and her friend "...literally haven't been doing anything."

    Video: What Phish Sounds Like to People That Don’t Like Phish | LIVE music blog

    There are two kinds of people in my office....

    Internet Reacts To Microsoft Buying #Minecraft