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  • Melissa Myotte-Carter

    A Strategic Plan should answer the following: ~Where are we going as an organization? ~What is the environment? (external/internal, this is critical to the vision) ~How do we get there? *** Strategic Management means approving only projects and programs that fit the scope of the organization's mission ***

  • D. S.

    ~ A Strategic Planning Model | Leadership Advic...

  • Ulises La Roca
    • 25 weeks ago

    Plan de organización de información para la acción necesaria para el desarrollo de su trabajo y alcanzar los Objetivos.

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One rather abrasive executive actually told me: “I don’t have time for this stuff. This is a waste of time and money!” Like so many abrasive executives, he chose to criticize and ridicule the need to improve his organizational culture instead of the facing the fact that his staff was confused, fearful, and suffering from an extreme lack of trust in management. I am fairly sure he had fallen into the bullying trap a number of times.