Icelandic turf house - starting to grow a small birch tree.

Icelandic Turf House and Cave

turf cabin

sod house, was a corollary to the log cabin during frontier settlement of Canada and the United States. The prairie lacked standard building materials such as wood or stone; however, sod from thickly-rooted prairie grass was abundant.[1] Prairie grass had a much thicker, tougher root structure than modern landscaping grass.

A n z u: Grass roofs I stumbled across this blog with a huge post about grass roofs. And this house looks so out of a fairytale I half expect a unicorn to be nibbling on the bushes. Haha!

Green roof turf houses are big in Iceland - they help insulate the houses from the wind and cold.

Cottage of Norwegian author Else Ronnevig


Danish house in the Faroe Islands

Grass Roof

turf house, sod house

This one really looks like a hobbit house

on the fjords of Iceland

sustainable home in the desert. off the grid and off the chaaain.

Sod roof houses in Vik, Iceland. love the idea of a green roof, as well as ivy covered exterior walls.

Isba Russian it

Green Roof Design - This green roof design is built on smaller houses, instead of a university like the first one. In this case the grass is growing from the ground sloping up onto the roof giving the house a curved effect.


Moss and grass on the roof? Big fan. As long as I'm not paying to insure said roof.