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90s Food

Candy necklace--remember how you'd wear it and eat it and then your neck would be all sticky?

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Circus Party Ideas

Circus Peanuts ... I just loved these when I was little. Remember the yellow banana flavored ones? They were the best!!!

I think this was big in 5th grade. It was so gross. It was a contest to see who could last the longest without making a face.

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Which '90s Kids Movies Have You Seen?

Which '90s Kids Movies Have You Seen 122 haha and now i want to watch ALL OF THESE

paint brush suckers. who remembers these? I miss these so much!

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25 Ways To Tell You’re A Kid Of The ‘90s

you know youre a 90s kid when...

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Candy-Flavored Cigarettes Are Officially Banned, Drug-Themed Candy Remains Legal [Updated]

Remember pretending to smoke with candy cigarettes? It would seem kinda weird to see this now.