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Fifty Shades of Grey Magic Mike = Happy Husbands.

"Fifty Shades of Magic Mike". Now that's a great thought!!

Funny Encouragement Ecard: No, Christian Grey is very real because I am in love with him. You will not ruin this for me!!!!

Cheers to the Baby Boom of 2012. Thank you Christian Grey and Magic Mike!

Who needs 50 Shades of Grey when Matthew Mcconaughey is going to be in a stripper movie with Channing Tatum?

So is this ecard trying to say that you are supposed to react differently?? Because that would just be crazy talk.

If Britney Spears can survive 2007, I should be able to get through today.

Funny Family Ecard: The longer I stay in the shower, the longer I can pretend that the kids aren't fighting or destroying my house.

I've been noticing that Pinterest has been overloaded lately with a flood of dieting and exercise tips, and low cal recipes. This has made me feel A) Inspired to get on a treadmill and B) Like I want to stick my head in the oven to block out all this annoying dieting talk...

I have owned over a million bobby pins and hair-ties in my lifetime. Do you want to know how many I have now? Maybe 5.

I am really bad at measuring pasta, so if you and 79 of your friends want spaghetti, come on over!