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  • Breanna Greene

    @Christi Spadoni Spadoni Spadoni Spadoni Spadoni kemper @Amee Barnett Barnett Barnett Barnett Barnett Tolee @Caitlin Burton Burton Burton Burton Burton Bleeds Blue Bulfin @Stacy Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Frankenberg Quotes About Ex's New Girlfriend | relationships #downgrade #e card | best stuff

  • Bekah V

    True story!!!

  • Jennifer Cunningham

    Finally. Some sense. And the truth. That hombre crap is for the birds !!

  • C1

    Rofl!!!!! This is funny because its so true!!! If you've ever tried spinning you're laughing! :-)

  • Ellen Manson

    Funny stuff, especially after working at a hair salon

  • Michelle Anghellic

    Grey's Anatomy Quotes On Friendship - Meredith and Christina #ecards

  • Lianna Carrillo

    Grey's Anatomy Quotes On Friendship. So true for me and my sister.

  • Laura Beth Wood

    #sotrue #funnystuff

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