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  • Emily Click

    How cool is this! i love falcons AND wolves!

  • ♂ Eco Gentleman

    ♂ Nature wolf and bird

  • Otamajeann Motsumoto

    From Native American art Coyote with hawk

  • Jessie Jean

    If I was an animal I would be all over this falcon wolf friend business

  • 💦Maysen Moll💭

    Roc and Jade-Best Friends... Roc is a Female Red-Tailed Hawk Which Can Speak With Jade-And Nobody Else. Jade Can Understand And Carry On Conversations With Roc. Jade Is Frowned Upon By Her Siblings Because She Is A "Bird Ear" And Can Speak To Birds, But Roc Says They Are Just Jealous.

  • Linda Januszewski

    Wolf and bird on a stick

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