crayon hearts - MUST do this!

How to Make Puffy Paint - This was such a fun and EASY craft for the kids to do! They loved the texture and had so much fun mixing everything together!

fun activity

Activités d'éveil: Créer des #bouteilles #sensorielles pour stimuler les sens de #bebe

Porta lapis

Cooler Kids - someday ill be the cool grandma who shows her kids how to make one of these. :) Under the table hammock #thatseasier #kids #fun

Avec du papier sulfurisé, des copeaux de crayons à la cire...

Geldgeschenk Buch

Colored pencils from the dollar store, it's just 300 pieces of wood glued together.

Clever Crayon Heat Heart

DIY CRAFTS - Melted Beads and accessories at

#DIY Monogram Letters!

Melted Crayon Art-When I was a kid my brother and I used to make crayon art by placing paper atop a lamp bulb and coloring an image; probably not safe, but fun! - CG

corazón pastillero san valentin

Transferring pictures to tiles by using Nail Polish Remover. This is freaking ingenious!!! Thanks!