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  • Laura Smith

    Fall apples, cider, apple pies, ohhhh the possibilities......

  • Maire Kolari

    Red apples (via Autumn) by claireworx

  • Annie Brewer

    one thing I looked forward to each year in New England :) apple picking season!!!

  • Pam P

    Red | Rosso | Rouge | Rojo | Rød | 赤 | Vermelho | Color | Colour | Texture | Form | Pattern | apples

  • Xochitl Valdez

    Kinder Apple Unit - tasting party where we sample various types, try different apple recipes, science notebook activity - labeled diagram before and after cutting (observe shades, imperfections, shape, etc.)

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LOVE the light - like a Dutch old master painting. Apple still life by Aisha Yusaf | food photography | food styling

Red | Rosso | Rouge | Rojo | Rød | 赤 | Vermelho | Color | Colour | Texture | Form | Pattern |

Fresh Juicy Raspberries! Taking on the Raspberry Patch. #garden #raspberries

faeryhearts: The shy, speechless soundof a fruit falling from its tree,and around it the silent musicof the forest, unbroken…— Osip Mandelstam.

I think apples are one of the most perfect foods. Easy to carry, lots of different colors and flavors, full of fiber, and the pectin helps with acid reflux. (If you have a problem with reflux, try eating applesauce during the evening. Made a big difference for me!) I eat them every day.

pretty display, pretty picture... love the antique textured look that it has

"'cos when she sings, i hear a symphony, and im swallowed in sound as it echoes through me, i'm RENEWED, oh how i feel ALIVE and through autumn's advancing, WE'LL STAY YOUNG GO DANCING"

One thing I will most definitely have in my backyard one day - an orchard (and it must have apples too).

the Sam Davis Home has such pretty trees and the old rustic buildings so add the pumpkins and corn stalks and mums for decor with tulle in the fall colors around a arbor to get married!!