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The concept behind this infographic is good but the actual content is not so clear. per Guy Kawasaki: "Social technology = a more connected workplace = better productivity" That's something we can all agree with! -mindjet. from Guy Kawasaki. via

Metrics are just as important as planning. This will not only help you analyze the numbers but also guide you if anything needs improvement.

Creating an #innovation center: an #infographic of the research and design criteria for our new building

creative infographic design with lots of information. Well organized contents and images by connecting pencils and map. I liked the contrast colors of red and green to stand out the information.




How to Build Your Brand Online Infographic by So! What? Social. #infographic #branding

How to Create a Powerful Presentation {Infographic}

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10 Rules For Making An Infographic Effective & Viral [Infographic]

10 Rules for Making an Infographic Effective & Viral - Do you want to create a stunning infographic that will go viral? These 10 rules will definitely help you plan and design your best infographic ever.

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5 Things That Waste Your Time at Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do you waste your time at work? VoIP communications company Fonality conducted a survey to find out which mundane office tasks suck the most time out of the day. Pinpointing and compiling all those wasted man hours could save companies some substantial coin. The folks at social performance management tool Rypple compiled the infographic attached based on that data.

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Inside the Mind of a Freelancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Inside the Mind of a Freelancer

This pictorially describes the ecological impacts of consuming too much fish. With a population our size, it's virtually impossible to sustain such sea life.

We Live in a Visual World Infographic #infographic #design #visual #communication #LC4D

Business use of Social Media infographic and useful statistics - fortune 100


“Modern Business” Infographic Elements

The landscape of business is constantly changing and so does the technology and marketing techniques involved. A lot more businesses are using the power of infographics to really reach out to their target market. If you’re a designer doing some work for businesses in all shapes and sizes, chances are ... Continue reading »

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What Music To Listen To On The Job To Stay Focused [Infographic]

Yeah, for writing it's jazz and classical for me. Fewer words the better. job-related-music-style-infographic