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  • Dan Wagner

    The Connected Workspace Mindful Living ( Social technology = a more connected workplace = better productivity (#infographic)

  • Paul Bonnici

    JESS3 - Projects / Mindjet - Connected Workspace Infographic -- Collaboration naturally breeds fresh ideas, as individuals build off of each other’s recommendations and suggestions. This infographic by Jess3 shows how social media and networking allows for greater success across the board.

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like the cleanliness of this one. strong typography.

Very cool infographic! What will the world look like in the future? This infographic tells us what the future holds for the science and tech world. Check out the infographic below and see for yourself what the future might hold. What do you think about these predictions? Post your comments on our board.

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Education and technology have come a long way over the past generation. So what better way to figure out our current state than by checking out an interesting infographic on a blog? Edudemic perhaps! This infographic details the history of education technology starting from the time of cavemen to present day. While it’s by no means robust, it’s interesting to check out some of the facts presented.

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Infographics eat your heart out! Clever design, killer poster & unique composition - all rounder!