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Link to the Social Studies Blog - 15 Minute History Podcasts Support African American History Month. Epidose 41 & 42: Senses of Slavery and the Myth of Race in America.

Watch the United States grow before your eyes

US Map that shows how the US grew. What a great interactive visual for American History.

Ancient Civilization Activities Your Students Will Love!

Ancient Civilization ideas, lessons, projects, and activities that students love!

Great site with lots of resources for US History for Kids

Great site with lots of resources for US History for Kids

Histagrams - instagrams about historic events or items

YouTube Playlist : American History

We love using digital resources to supplement and enrich our learning experience. I’ve only written about this a couple of times (here and here), but I assure you that we use digital resources several time throughout the week! As we’ve worked through All American History by Bright Ideas Press (you can check out my review …

Map Skills Battleship Game

Map Skills Battleship Game My students were having a hard time with longitude and latitude. They could not really judge the halfway points between the longitude or latitude lines provided on printed maps and they could not visualize the idea of the coordinates and the fact that the two numbers together made a target on the location we were trying to identify. I compared longitude and latitude lines to a game of Battleship and suddenly lightbulbs went on! I adapted a United States map to…

How Teachers Are Using 'Hamilton' the Musical in the Classroom

HTTA - Time Travelers - American Revolution