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What a sight

Wild Turkeys frequently go through our back yard. They are sort of an ugly bird, but yet at the same time, can be breathtaking when they do their displays. They are such a big bird that it's sort of intimidating when they come around!

I didn't know turkey's were so colorful and showy!  Happy Thanksgiving Tom.

Like cats and dogs and chickens and cows, turkeys have their individual personality and preferences, they become attached, and want happiness and comfort.

Turkey, Bowhunting

Stupid Turkey Hunting season is keeping me from going out in the woods to run/walk.

Wild Turkey

I used to see wild turkeys in a still wooded area off Hulen in my home of Fort Worth. Until that highway was built, it was my secret joy that life was to be found in civilization.

How to Hunt a Wild Turkey

Once nearly extinct, wild turkeys have made a spectacular comeback. They seem to find the forests and clearings along the parkway a happy habitat!

This so could be my Mom's visitors in Arkansas..."B"

Anywhere there are large tracts of national forest lands and thousands of private acres, wild turkeys flock there to breed and raise their chicks.



The most beautiful turkey you'll ever see: the Ocellated Turkey, native to Mexico.

astronomy-to-zoology: “ Ocellated Turkey (Meleagris ocellata) ….the only other species of extant turkey alive today (Australian brush turkeys are not “true” turkeys or closely related).