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Star Wars Monster Mash-ups

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What Your Favorite Movie Quote Says About You

"There's no crying in baseball!" Jimmy Dugan's (Tom Hank's character) proclamation, "There's no crying in baseball!" was rated on the American Film Institute's list of the greatest film quotes of all time.


Illustration de Glenn Rane

Choosing the Best Guns and Ammo for your Arsenal | The Best Survival Gear For Hunting & Self Defense By Survival Life http://survivallife.com/2014/10/13/best-guns-and-ammo/

How to Choose Guns and Ammo

Will your supply of guns and ammo be enough when SHTF? Gun stores carry a variety of combat rifles and handguns, but which survival weapon is right for you?

AT-AT dog fall…

My friend is having a Star Wars marathon with her dog and posted thisView Post

Parachutisme regarde très nickel et amusant! Mais il regarde effrayent parce que je suis peur des hauteurs!

It's definitely a surreal feeling when it seems you're on the edge of the earth & a complete rush knowing the only way down is out! Beautiful skydiving photo - captures the serenity of the experience.